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New review of ‘Bursting’ courtesy of Bliss Aquamarine

Not often we get reviewed, so it’s always nice when we do, and especially when it’s one as good as this 🙂 Thanks to Kim Harten for the kind words! Go to link to read in context with other albums – – also copied below:
7SHADES Bursting CD (Snafu Recordings)
7shades include amongst others Neil Spragg (Omnia Opera, Sir Real, Mocca), and were formed to pay tribute to the music of Tim Smith and Cardiacs. They are however a tribute band with a difference – you won’t find cover versions here but original music that aims (and succeeds!) to capture the spirit of Cardiacs’ innovative and seminal prog-punk-psych-pop. In Milky Train, bombastic choral and orchestral music collides with angular, jerky, choppy-changey prog-punk. Marking Time is a fine slice of eccentric pop with whirring, clanging rhythms. Nudey Prod Games combines playground rhymes with an altogether darker lyrical theme, set to gleefully absurdist, spacey, proggy art-rock. Spring’s Sordid Show has feverish and woozy experimental music giving way to huge, intense prog rock riffage. Hello Sailor begins with a torrent of impish, maniacal laughter, before launching into an exciting melange of punk and experimental psychedelia. Renard is excellent quirky yet sophisticated pop with folk, psych and prog touches. Perfect Storm is less frenetic than much else here, opting instead for a shimmering, ethereal psych arrangement. Prog has a reputation in some quarters as a pompous genre that takes itself far too seriously, but 7shades, like Cardiacs before them, show that prog can be fun, and can have just as much punk spirit as the most subversive of punk bands. Anyone who misses Cardiacs, or who favours adventurous, genre-hopping music in general, really ought to check out this album.
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