Don’t believe your own ears? Here’s what other people (some of them ‘famous’) have said about 7shades…from whence there are two of my new favourite words, namely “tiggles” and “Cardiacal”


Kind words about ‘Bursting’…

‘Tiny’ Babba Leith (Cardiacs, Redbus Noface etc) – “This new album is fucking brilliant mate!!”

Mark Cawthra (Cardiacs, Redbus Noface etc) – “One of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure to master”

Steven Morricone (The Scaramanga Six) – “Holy crap, what a piece of work!”

Chris Anderson (Crayola Lectern, ZOFFF etc) – “It’s very very bloody good!”

Rob Tubb (Cursor Miner) – “Like being kidnapped by a bunch of semi-delinquent wizards and beaten round the head with inflatable cutlery.”

Roger Trenwith (The Progressive Aspect) – “Musical inventiveness oozes out of every zero and one on this kaleidoscopic album…edge-of-seat inspired lunacy”


Other things wot people have said about 7shades…

Bob ‘Babba’ Leith (Cardiacs / Redbus Noface) – “Thanks for that amazing stuff of yours I’ve been very fortunate to come across…fucking brilliant stuff feller!! Will be listening to this a lot more…excellent”

Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs / Gong / Knifeworld) – “Lovely, I really enjoyed it”

Sarah Melville – “It tiggles my ears and makes the world go spangly!”

Peter Dahl-Collins (Slunq / Saatchi & Saatchi / Italian Escapades) – “About the album… you know notes? It’s got lots of those in it. So it MUST be on purpose…barely contained chaos 🙂 Super-splendid and ace, and neat”

Alex Tsentides (Krankschaft) – “Majestically insane”

Laurence Coey – “the best music I have heard in decades!!!”

Marc Riley (6music) – “Good work!”

Dave Martin – “It rocks like the special needs bus”

Matt Stevens (The Fierce &The Dead) – “Very cool”

Steve Pond (Krankschaft / Inner City Unit) – “Rather splendid!”

Mister Mooney – “I love it. It is truly inspired by Cardiacs. You can tell as, just like Cardiacs music, it makes my wife feel sea sick. Keep up the good work!”

Allan Murphy (Midwich Youth Club / Betty & The Id) – “7shades is where the Big Ship went to after the Good Captain Tim Smith prematurely retired, with the same passion, intelligence and lunacy to explore and map the new lands and seas”

Steve Bishop – “What I’ve heard so far has been amazing, a fitting tribute to the Cardiacs amazing music, which I have rediscovered through this project, but also an amazing thing in its own right. Can’t wait to hear the whole album…:-)”

Stu Minal – “Sounds excellent – Swirley, cardiacal, disorientating, smiley”

Ken Halsey – “It sounds fabulous. You’ll make Tim very proud!”

Charlie Mounsey (Unwelcome Human) – “Only fans of Cardiacs know the special glistening feeling of hearing a new Cardiacs track for the first time.  There have been many impersonators and some great covers, but when I heard the first 5 released tracks from 7shades I had that feeling.  It is great to hear some original music again, that has energy and originality in abundance.” – see the full blog post on the Unwelcome Human website

Roy Weard (Real Music Club radio show) – “Has hardly been off the CD player since I got it!”