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Ultra-limited edition t-shirts now available!

Ultra-limited edition t-shirts now available!

Yes, you read that right, in a rare moment of thinking about ‘merchandise’ (for our recent Pledge campaign), some bright spark (me) came up with these two designs for t-shirts, both based entirely around the number ‘7’, and then decided to do a ridiculously limited run of both, that are now available to buy from us, until they run out, or the world ends, whichever comes sooner. Both designs are silk-screen printed on lovely soft fairtrade organic cotton (‘Earth Positive climate neutral’), and the ‘unreadable logo’ design is printed in subtly reflective ink to freak out your friends and amaze your enemies. For the moment, both designs available in M / L / XL sizes, but get in quick or they won’t be. Just £20 to be the envy of your ‘crew’. Send us an e-telegram via this site to buy direct (preferable), or you can also grab them off of that Bandcamp here – https://7shades.bandcamp.com/merch

Oh…and should probably mention that our third album ‘The Monumental Midden’ is also out now, and available to purchase on CD or in a variety of digital formats, either direct from us on here (please), or if you must, via Bandcamp here – https://7shades.bandcamp.com/album/the-monumental-midden – or if you *REALLY* must, via a whole gamut of cock-sucking corporate concerns like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora (who?) etc etc etc.

‘Exploded head’ design

‘Unreadable logo’ design

These are posh t-shirts, innit?