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We’ve moved! Again!

Hurrah and huzzah, after just a few short months of causing maximum hair-loss to Paul at Basesixty (which he can scarcely afford), and genuine confuzzlement in 7shades base camp, we’ve finally buggered off to pastures new, and hopefully now he’ll be able to get some sleep. Sorry, Paul. But good news for us, we hope, as with any luck site is all ship-shape and bursting in a Bristol fashion again. Do let us know if you find any nasty bugs or suchlike…

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Sap is rising…

Quick update….lots going on behind the scenes in 7shades world…couple of great gigs under out belt so far this year, and more to come…website (nearly) fully rebuilt…album 3 well underway with some corking new material…2017 shaping up well 🙂