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Great review of Kozfest gig :-)

Great review of Kozfest gig :-)
Thanks to ywannish for this rather wonderful review of our Kozfest gig, you can read the whole detailed piece here – http://www.alivereportsmag.com/kozfest-2017/
Or, if you’re click-lazy, here’s what they specifically had to say about us –
“Two especially delightful performances were offered by Tim Hawthorn and The Archetypes and 7shades…While listening to some the Cardiacs’ CDs in the car on your way to Kozfest, we wondered how 7shades, a band formed to pay tribute to Tim Smith, would be like? Still, their performance was beyond any expectations. Even if they pass as a tribute band, their music is original, mixing kraut, avant-pop, progressive punk, electronic and math rock with a psychedelic kick, in one theater-like performance, with humor and great stage presence. The brilliant acting and singing coming from Neil and Libbertine Spragg, full of jokes and pranks in contrast with the straight faces of the rest of the band, made everyone enjoy each and every moment of the show. They had various CDs for sale, one of them entirely a fundraiser for the benefit of Tim Smith and the other for themselves ‘because we need money too’. They also had the loveliest caravan on the whole festival field; we wondered for a while to whom it might belong until we saw them standing there once.”